Dorothea Wendt
Senior Researcher

Dorothea Wendt (PhD) is a senior researcher in the Cognitive Hearing Science (CHS) group at the Eriksholm Research Centre and in the Hearing Systems Group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Her research areas cover speech perception, listening effort and cognitive & linguistic aspects of hearing in the impaired auditory system. Focus of her research lies on the application of eye-tracking and pupillometry to assess listening effort required for speech processing. She is leading the research on pupillometry at the Eriksholm Research.

Part of her work at Eriksholm deals with the investigation of hearing-impairment and signal processing on listening effort. Within her recent studies, she demonstrated reduced listening effort with an active noise-reduction scheme applied within hearing-aids by utilizing the pupillometry method. Within the HEAR-ECO project, she provides management and training regarding the assessment of listening effort, applying the pupillometry method and the supervision of the ESRs within cognitive hearing science.