Hidde Pielage
Research fellow (ESR)

Hi, my name is Hidde Pielage. I am currently one of the six PhD students in the HEAR-ECO project. I will be working at the VU medical centre in the Netherlands and Eriksholm Research Centre in Denmark.

My background consists of an Applied Psychology bachelor and a transition program to partake in the Psychology bachelor at the University of Amsterdam. I now hold a Brain and Cognition specialization Master’s degree with distinction. I thoroughly enjoy learning new things, which –luckily- is a big part of being a PhD student. In my spare time I enjoy playing the bass guitar and I love to sail.

Within HEAR-ECO I will focus on the social aspects of listening effort and comprehension. Using a variety of social manipulations and physiological measurements, I will try to find social aspects of real-life listening scenarios that are relevant for testing purposes. This way I hope to simulate social aspects in hearing tests, similar to the those that hearing-impaired people experience every day. With this addition, tests for hearing and hearing aids will encompass more ecologically valid conditions.

I am supervised by Prof. Sophia E. Kramer and Dr. Adriana A. Zekveld from the VUmc, as well as Prof. Thomas Lunner and Dr. Dorothea Wendt from Eriksholm Research Centre.