Patrycja Ksiazek
Research fellow (ESR)

"Hey, my name is Patrycja Ksiazek, and I’m one of six PhD students in the HEAR-ECO project.

My background is in engineering, mostly within acoustics and computer sciences with BEng in Automatic Control and Computer Sciences obtained from the Silesian Technical University in Poland and MSc Eng in Engineering Acoustics obtained from Technical University of Denmark (DTU). During the past year, I’ve been employed by Eriksholm Research Centre to support the pupillometry research. My research interest is in enhancing health care and cognition with use of engineering solutions and advanced analytics.

In HEAR-ECO, I will focus on developing an ambulatory, ecologically valid method of evaluating listening effort based on the pupil responses. Thus, my contribution to the HEAR-ECO project will be to further explore the possibilities of applying pupillometry in more realistic scenarios as well as to develop an expertise in the various analysis methods for pupillometry. The project will be supervised by Prof. Sophia E. Kramer and Dr. Adriana A. Zekveld from VUmc Amsterdam as well as Prof. Thomas Lunner and Dr. Dorothea Wendt from Eriksholm Research Centre. During my PhD, I will be affiliated with Section Ear & Hearing, Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and APH Research Institute, VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands."

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